legislative-justice.jpgIn a diligent search, all the facts are turned up.  In the Jena, Louisiana trials of six black students and one former student, many of the exact facts are missing from the public purview.  Subsequently, there has not been a diligent search for all the facts at any time, then or now; concerning all the incidents that led up to the nooses and the subsequent fights, including the charges and the high bonds, and if such high bonds were applied in other instances of  similar events.  The Legislators of LaSalle parish are responsible for the societal conditions in their district.  They are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Louisiana State Constitution.  The laws that prosecutors use to defend society from criminals are promulgated by legislators.  In light of what has occurred in the courts of LaSalle Parish’s 28th Judicial District court in the conviction of Mychal Bell, some authority must act.  However, new legislation must be introduced that requires all district judges, to conduct there courts, in the same manner.

In a call to the LaSalle parish judges office about meeting with Judge J. P. Mauffray about a bond reduction, office personnel on today July 11th, stated that the District Attorney would have to be the one contacted to obtain a bail reduction, and that if the D. A. okayed a bond reduction, that then would be okay; but if the District Attorney wasn’t okay with a reduction, then a motion would have to be filed and heard by the Judge.

If these debacling situations existed merely in a vacuum of

some specifically designated portion of the state, that would be

different.  But this situation and similar situations are occuring

all over Louisiana.  What we need is a national movement

against such actions.  The people must stand up,  against the

incredulous affects of unscrupulous court room setttings.  I

must say, however;  there is a great awakening.  It could be

said, that we the people need a more perfect government in

this union,  and we shall have it.

We must turn the tide and make the persons who are running

for elected office this cycle,  agree with what we the people

want and demand.   We are not secure in our persons, when our

children are judged differently from the majority.  We are not

secure when police call crimes what they are, according to the

color of a man’s skin.  We are not secure, when the courts,

judicate unequally.   We are not free, nor are we secure when

prosecutors can choose whom ever they please and begin to

destroy a man’s life “with the stroke of his pen”.

This is unconciounable and it is Sin!  Gross sin and negligence.