Everyone must understand,  it wasn’t Mychal’s ultimate decision to take the plea.  It was evident that Mychal was in rough waters, when he in open court asked Judge J.P. Mauffray to explain the plea (deal) to him step by step.  This was, resignation by design.

Some of those who don’t understand, I pray they are in Mychal’s shoes real soon.  Court,  when you are the target; is a living, nightmarish hell.   Ask,  Robert Bailey, Jr.’s  former attorney  Sam Thomas of Tallulah; who recently received his own conviction in Donald Washington’s Western District of Louisiana Court in Monroe, Louisiana.

And this is the insanity of the Travesty.  The final road to Mychal’s plea begins with the dismissal of Sam Thomas by Caseptla Bailey the “Jena Six Parent” of Robert Bailey, Jr.   A grouped effort of the Color of Change, Friends of Justice,  ACLU & Left Turn.Org aided & abetted in the “intrusion of  Justice”,  that we have now.   Sam Thomas had the change of venue motion on the table in the 3rd Circuit.  But, on one hot “autumn dog’s day”  an injustice rebirth,  Caseptla Bailey was taken to New Orleans to meet a high powered lawyer, who turned out to be Attorney Jim Boren; of which lawyer the Sothern Poverty Law Center  described him as an,  SPLC retained lawyer of  Baton Rouge “as a cooperating SPLC attorney to assist the defense. ”   Splc goes on to say it is “working with other advocates at the grassroots and national levels that are deeply involved in the fight  and share a commitment to racial justice.”  

A commitment to racial justice.?  How Such?news_saldana_jena_law_01_ms.jpg  The Travesty of injustice for Mychal Bell was in its infancy when Caseptla was escorted to meet Boren.  The week of November 4th, saw the plots and plans begin to play-out.  The families and there lawyers were duped, in some instances, while others were in secret collaboration with the forces (SPLC & Walters/Mauffray) of LaSalle court system to derail equal justice & maintain un-equal justice.  

The fact that Mychal took a plea deal is evident of the corrupt system that exist pervasively in Louisiana,  The poor huddled masses are browbeat & legally out maneuvered until they are so wearied, that they just give in.   This is “classic un-equal justice” in its bestest exhibition by a judicary and prosecution run amuck  in its own quest for power and avarice.   

Now comes the real test.  Will the powers that be, influence the truth of this matter.  Laws were violated by the dispensers and administrators of  criminal justice.  Judge Yeager let slide a clerk of court malfeasanace, in relations to the media litigants.  The actual filing of the Barker et al suit is suspect because of the actual & perceived dates.    Eventhough Mychal took a plea deal,  he was under duress & subtile coercion.  The outcomes were so well manaaged that the U S  Department of Justice held a  forum at 1st Baptist Church in Jena.  U S Attorney Donald Washington was in attendance.  It was December 6th 2007,  the day which would have been Mychal’s date for trial!  This Travesty is not over.  Open the Court’s Records, we pray,  so the light of Justice can shine through and through!