8 May 2009

An appellate court has overturned a man’s conviction on a terrorizing charge that stemmed from a March 2007 fight at a basketball tournament in Mamou.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeal reversed Marcus James Jason’s conviction and vacated his sentence citing the state’s failure to prove certain elements of the crime. A state judge initially sentenced Jason in August 2008 to serve 10 years at hard labor with three years suspended on the terrorizing conviction.

According to court records, Marcus Jason attacked Michael Fontenot, a coach of the Sacred Heart Elementary School’s 10-year-old boys’ basketball team. Records show the attack came without any apparent provocation.

Injustice is in the eye of the beholder.  Today, in Evangeline Parish Court a Black man – [facing 20 years]- was convicted of crimes of violence.  Court documents say the convicted man came to a school and beat a white man, for what some would say was for no reason at all.  Convicted on terrorism charges, the public still awaits the finding’s on NOOSE’S HUNG ON TWO BLACK Church Doors, only weeks before the trial began.   One of the jurors, a black woman was a relative to one of the Church’s Pastor, where a Noose was hung!
Nooses Placed Outside Church
The jury consisted of the lone black woman & all others were white.

The above video, by a white minstry, exemplifies the mentality that exists in this part of Evangeline Parish.  As for the Nooses which were hung on two black churches near Bayou Chicot, an unincorporated area of the parish.  The Sheriff stated to news media he had idea’s of whom the culprits were, that hung the nooses.  In the meanwhile Marcus Jason was convicted, today Friday May 30th 2008.  As Jason has stated on numerous occassions to many,  an Evangeline Parish School employee pyschologically injured his son in an incident during school.  [The boy was physically, manhandled & molestedly injured.]

Reports have it that the same-[coach]- teacher, has “put his hands on” other children, but the school system as of this day, have yet to deal appropriately with the “parish school’s employee”.  Other parents have written statements, notarized as to the situation with the-[coach]- teacher. 

As it was in Jena – it is in Evangeline Parish Courts – UNEQUAL JUSTICE!! – White men can mistreat black children and get a way with it.   In fact, individuals who protested in Jena have been to Ville Platte, protesting at the Ville Platte Police Department.  New York’s King Downing of the ACLU & Raymond Brown of New Orleans, both were in Jena and have been to Ville Platte, the parish seat.  King Downing was, in fact observing in Jena on the day of Marcus Jason’s conviction, as attorneys for 5 of the Jena Six sought to have Judge J. P. Mauffray recused.  It should also be known that, George Fisher was also in Jena the day of Jason’s conviction and immediate incarceration.  Black women in Ville Platte, were weeping into the midnight, by some reports.  A $175,000.00  post conviction bond has been placed on Jason. 

This situation is further entangled with the recent protest against the Ville Platte P.D., the Chief of Police is black.  However, on this week a ministerial group came out in support of the Chief.  The main proponent of the ministerial group, a black pastor, is related to the lone black juror & to one of the pastor’s of a church where the noose’s were hung! 

The story has it that Jason and his brother had went to the school to see his daughter play in a sports event.  The-[coach]- teacher, who had “acted inappropriately” with Marcus Jason’s son, was there, and smirked an aggravating grin at Jason.  A fight ensued, between the two men.  Others became involved including Jason’s brother; who is doing time for his role.  The white men sued for injuries and now both brothers are locked away.  In a Rotary Club meeting, it was stated that the ” Department of Justice” – federal authorities – didn’t want another Jena!!  Jena is not finshed yet, as recent court proceedings attest  and here, before State Representative Hardy’s Noose bill, can barely become effective, we have all the makings of another Jena!!  Again, the quesition is about the unequality of justice!!

According to parish authorities, the US Attorney has already been to Bayou Chicot.  The Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service is aware of the Bayou Chicot Noose’s  and a black man has been convicted of beating a white man, on what some would say was Confederate Memorial Day.