What do you do, when every corner you turn, there is another incident of gun violence, played out in our communities.?

[ http://justicefoundation.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-death-knoll-of-violence-in.html ] From Baton Rouge to Bastrop, Louisiana. In New Orleans and its suburbs. Youth and young people are dying in a hurry, and violently. Something must be done. As the Legislature meets, this session, some of them, should be thinking and planning on how to change this scenario. It would be, great if someone, really put an effective agenda together, towards ending the plague, which has enveloped the Black Community.

From the Apostolic view, it is the Devil, the diabolical, that comes to “steal, to kill and to destroy”!! Ultimately, the Change that is needed is in the power of the people. Their hands, minds and wills can make the difference. If we, do not now, speak up for Our Children & Grandchildren, no one else will. Let’s be clear about, what we desire. We desire, an end to the violence amongst ourselves most of all. Everyone in every community and neighborhood, should vow a vow of non-violence, forever. Period!!

Just because governments are constantly in a retaliative reactionary stance, it does not mean that the whole of society, has to follow suit and go along with it. Period.Image

While most of us were sleeping, or otherwise occupied; North and South Korea traded shots at one another. We are all, aware of the impending armed chaos in the Ukraine. Because leaders of society are constantly embroiled in warfare, the average citizens are not compelled to join their insanity. The hi-tech computerized violence-induced games young people are impregnating their minds with, must be devalued. “It is evident our governments do not have its people’s best interest at heart.”  Generations are being taught the efficacy of violence-rage via the video screen, video games and arcades.

Our Congressmen and Legislators, must stand against this consumer device, that teaches violence.