While all parties partaking of the World View; living in accord with the world view, seeking to entangle others in their view:; Not even shame on you! But absolute Hell on you; with your witchery, in all forms.  To them that are named Among the Saints.  And to them which were once named among the Saints, and all others similarly situated. 

It is thought, that you have lost your minds; and that you may; be already damned!!

Whilst, people are beheaded; and young people are fumingly angry, with a “generational society submitted to the depravity of the bourgoise controllers” stuck on themselves; your belief systems have been degraded to its former self.  You have relegated the strength of the believers faith to  jokes and agreeance with those, who would rather see “God’s People” summarily destroyed and shot!

While you primp and prance and render half praise to your god, and refuse to abandonly pray to any god; Let lone the Lord God of Hosts, The Almighty God, Christ the Lord; you have fell captive to worldly desires. You break all of the One True God’s Holy ordinances and consort with the haters of God.

Your abominable life styles and debauched behaviors, explicitly in the “place of the Holy”, shall be your undoing.ferguBarackOfollowedFeatured Image -- 759

Your President, has taken note of the current upheavel in your vicinity; that is affecting your very lives, behind your already “damned to Hell” backs.  Your destructions have drawned nigh. You talking ’bout strengthening the arm of the wicked!!

You are the helpers of Willie Lynchism!! The destruction of your own species as a black widow spider. Incessantly demoralizingly seeking your incubus desire. Your destruction draweth nigh!