It is without doubt, the world must terminate. It is an absolute occurrence, there is no getting around. Yet, the renovation by fire, will take place.

The President a few weeks ago, was lauding the efforts of individuals, that culminated in a Supreme Court decision, that many have attempted to equate with the Rights, that folks of former slave master control; fought for freedom about!  Only, to within two weeks have to deliver the eulogy in the death of a Black Pastor, who also was a Senator. A political acquaintance and friend of President Barrack Hussein Obama in deep south, South Carolina died at the hands of maniacal rebel flag induced bloodthirst.

Now, preeminently Black women and girls are dieing in custody of law enforcement/detention facilities. An eighteen year-old found hung in Alabama, a 28 year old in Texas, several months ago a Fairfax,Virginia black woman, with mental issues was tased to death while in law enforcement custody.

Just this past week, in Chattanooga, Tennessee; the “homeland was attacked under ISIS orders” to commit acts of terror against “U. S. Military members, wherever they are found.”  All the while “domestic terrorist’ are burning black churches, angered by the outcry for the removal of the Confederate Flag.  Aggravated by a Black President, who this week inked a Nuclear Arms deal with Iran and released 46, federal felons on unfair sentences.

Ezekiel 30, tells us “How ye, Woe worth the day! For the day is near, event the day of the Lord is near,”  Isaiah 34:18  has us to know, “Thine heart shall meditate Terror.”

There is conclusively, no adherence to what is the really, truth.  The truth, of the scriptures, of those things which must shortly come to pass. Yet we continue on this jagged spiral of innocuous events of utter demise. This now is what Nineveh must’ve been like.  However, Society would not now do as was done then. America, it self is under Strong Delusion.  The Nation has believe a lie. “That they all might be damned, who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”