instaquote_21122016-mgtahgchekcxsyj4fgociqThe year 2017, will go down in history as the most oppressive to civil liberties, human rights and equal protection under the law.

It has already begun in cities, towns and villages in America.

A recent city ordinance in a small Louisiana City is focused on blight. The “fight the blight” initiative in small town Monroe, Louisiana, seems fine on the surface. But, a closer look, reveals methods to seize property, create massive fines and “presumably create a growth” by returning unproductive residences to the market.

Using, nuisance abatement and property devaluation, public safety as inducements to bring a varied background of citizens in favor, “the law gives city personnel and specifically, code enforcement officers unprecedented “rights to access”. Citing such conditions as “sanitary compliance” within an occupied residence can be cause for a “court ordered petition being served via municipal court, forcing an occupant to allow entry, under ‘enforcement suspicion’ of non-compliance.” THE SEEKING OF A MUNICIPAL COURT ORDER, CRIMINALIZES THE MATTER.

The City Of Monroe and the City Council, should be representing all it’s citizens concerns, as elected officials.

Further, in the October 25, 2016 City Council meeting, the city attorney’s appraisal of “allowances” for 65 year old seniors for additional time, concluded “it is not something significant in how the Ordinance works, it’s simply fines and fees which benefits everybody in the community.”

Benefits everybody at the expense of the poor, disabled and unemployed on fixed income individuals, who are more than likely rejected by family. Something must be done.

This law, must be repealed.

In the immediate, either the Council or the Mayor, must introduce measures that allow city personnel to assist, “non-compliant low-income persons” in nuisance abatement requirements.