As of October 24, 2017 11:08pm CST; a Maryland Federal District Court granted injunctive relief of the latest presidential immigration executive order.


It Really Is Appropriate that the Immigration Battle is now in Hawaii Federal Court.

Especially so, when the President of the United States of America, has accused the former President of campaign espionage, the likes of the infamous Watergate Affair.

It is a saddened affair, that newly minted voters, some voting for the second time in a Presidential election, are now exposed to such complete disarray.  Whatever the outcome be, society has proven itself to be completely at a loss for humane societal behavior.

Across the globe we are experiencing upheavel. The Palestinian-Israeli battle, includes a component of exhibited removal of Africans, Ethiopian Jews and ‘others’ besides the Arabic-Muslim, walled separatism of the non-Jewish peoples.

And, now America has begun its abatement of  “undesirables” with a proposed wall at its southern border.  It is a testament to the radical hatred spawned by years of seething discord among the masses.  In the times of Nikita Krushev it was said, America would be destroyed from within.  The stage is now set.  This link, A Hawaiian Affair , contains the March 7th legal filing against the “current Immigration Executive Order” set to take affect March 16, 2017.

However the outcome maybe America has lost standing on the world stage. Liberty’s Statue remains in New York harbor, but; as a Nation we are not that, and may have never been. FacebookHomescreenImage




As an addendum, the presidential immigration ban is back in Appeals Court in Maryland as of yesterday.

 Immigration Cross Appeal