I didn’t know Lanekia Michelle Brown. The scenario surrounding her death in custody, sounds all too familiar.

Family members are grieving and expecting answers from the local authorities and want to know how did this occur.  This is a reasonable request.

Anyone, that has a family member to die, generally want to know the circumstances as to how the person came to be deceased.  However, authorities are summarily pre-judging, writing off, and diminishing the unreasonableness of death-in-custody.  An autopsy will further clarify the circumstances surrounding a person’s demise.  When it is any possibility of personal fault, it will be utilized to diminish responsibility.  It should be understood, that the socio-governmental status is detrimental to our lives.

“Any entity that maintains a place of incarceration should be held accountable for the persons in its custody.”  The detention center for which Lanekia Brown was held in, is responsible for the “maintenance” of those incarcerated.  Such facilities are governmental entities, especially this particular facility.  “No citizen is to be denied life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness in America, without due process” and in this case Ms. Brown has been denied “due process”.

Are houses-of-incarceration becoming death-mills? 

Black and female, you die incarcerated. Pregnant. A two-for!  It appears, that every opportunity that presents itself,  a person-of-color is killed in-custody.  Two Brown children in CBP-custody, dead.  A Black female senior-citizen dead in-custody in Texas.

A Black female with known mental issues died in-custody in 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia. And, Sandra Bland.  DUE PROCESS. If you lock people up, you better make sure, they are in a state-of-existence to receive due-process.  This family will be doubly reminded of this person’s exhaustion-of-life every year, because of the “time of year”. Two-lives. As of tonight the “Feds” are closed for business, the Civil Rights Division & its Community Relations Service is notifying the public they are not operational because of the government shutdown. 

And, take it from me, even before the shutdown, the government has been dysfunctional at best at getting justice for minority victims of  “institutional injustice”.  This must be; if I may, Fannie Lou Hamered and “sick & tired of being sick & tired”! Remember, the phrase BLACK POWER evolved in the South, in Lowndes County Alabama.

It WAS Black Mississippian Fannie Lou Hamer who went all the way to the Democratic National Convention.  Ain’t nobody sick & tired of being sick & tired of this mess?FANNIELou  thBQW3MOE9 It is going take the people themselves, standing up for themselves.  And, who is that person, to take the stand? And, who are those people who is going to stand up? 

Everyone wanted to so hard believe that everything was took care of with Dr. King & the civil-rights actions of those after him.  Well, the fight must be fought all-over. 


And, because the corpus delicti  must yet be brought to light.  What crime or crimes did the incarceration entity commit against the now victim whose demise also included a fetus.