Every turn that is made tragedy awaits. If its not the police, it is the citizenry. It needs to End. It is now “Beyond Enough”.

Would we not imagine, it is up to us, the people to take our communities back. While elected officials have backed down to the rampant dysfunction of an inoperable government, giving sway to contract hit threats; while state legislators homes are peppered with driveby shatterings of a long-lost peace. When the State Legislature returns for its 2022 Session, be sure the same gun legislation will be presented again.

New social studies standards clear key state panel; final vote possible in December. Concerning so-called “Critical Race Theory another slap in the face nationally against Black folk.

GOP Senator Jay Morris of West Monroe, in the 2021 session introduced Senate Bill 118, allowing people to freely carry a hidden handgun without any permit or training. Another Slap in the face. (The Governor vetoed the bill) Lieutenant John Clary withheld body-cam footage of the death beating given to Ronald Greene. Louisiana State Police cleared Clary of any wrong doing. This lends to furtherance in the lack of confidence in law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts.