The rule of Law is side-winding its way through our lives with consequential thought of totally shaking the core of America, by doing what their appointing to the highest court was initially expected. In religion, voting, ‘criminal justice’, Indian affairs, Mexican immigration and; of course the ‘blinder’ Abortion, the government is sounding the death-knoll of the Republic. The leak first, to foment the angst, afterward the threat of more-to-come, to ignite the fires of unrest, to complete the Trumpian overthrow of American Democracy. The fallout of which is to affect the entire world.

Nothing can help us now. The vestiges of Hate are manifesting in violence across the globe. Copenhagen, Chicago, New Orleans; Akron, Ohio the stepchildren of dysfunctional governmental rhetoric.

In Louisiana, its legislative redistricting full of backroom finagling

The blockbuster United States Supreme Court actions of June 2022 are at the least phenomenal in their across the board, ultra neo-conservative philosophical explosive shifting of the American Way, Citizens and its society are impervious to such curvings of the arch of jurisprudence. It is likened to a baby getting too much milk/formula at one time.

In the last two days of the Louisiana Legislature’s court-ordered redistricting six day Special Session, the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee exhibited its biased, complete. confederate based asymptomatic manipulation of governance, until seasoned State Senator Cleo Fields of Baton Rouge, told the committee and its Chairperson Senator Sharon Hewitt, ‘y’all do what you want to do’ after He over and over again, implored them to ‘do the right thing’.

The Louisiana House of Representatives, was no-better, in the end the Speaker of the House, shamefully had the live-feed cut as Louisiana’s Legislative Black Caucus‘s Rep. Edmond Jordan, (D) Baton Rouge spoke on the House floor, with the Caucus members standing with him behind the podium.

Shameful. Louisiana and America is no where. In essence, the highest court in the land is in collusion with a ‘supremacist incursionist detail’ quietly singing Dixie in a land of captivity.2008 January

If, when specifically Cleo Fields was arguing back and forth within the committee, with his legislative cohorts, unaware or aware of the skullduggery ongoing. While Senator Hewitt, sought to hold Field’s Senate Bill-1, in committee; and on the Senate floor on June 18, 2022 say at the podium, questioning the efficacy of Field’s amendment to Senator Ward’s Bill, that there was still an amendable bill, she had put forth, of which bill didn’t include a 2nd Black District; that on June 17, 2022 the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office had filed a brief to the United States Supreme Court, seeking relief, from the Middle District Federal Court, and the U. S. 5th District Court of Appeals, which backed the second black congressional district.

The second minority-majority district, in the words of Senator Jay Morris would likely be overturned by the Supreme Court. Who Knew?

Who Knew, the intent of the GOP led majority, never intended to do the right thing.