A bonafide reasoning is required, to understand the reckoning, that will arise out of the Monroe City Council’s “seem good,  feel good” initiative.  A councilman was heard saying, “the city is not in business of taking people’s homes”.

But, when you read the law, “people’s homes will be taken, without doubt. Every effort will be made,  to satisfy legal requirements. A seemingly, thorough time-limited search will be made before any house or former home becomes city property, of which property can only be acquired by a bonafide 501C3 non-profit.  Read the Ordinance. It is long and it is arduous. Not for the faint of heart, or eyesight.

But what if a half-takened care of house, misses the mark; and the owner, responsible party or other such liable person is fallen ill; is unfamilied and lives/survives alone. [IF THAT PERSON GOES TO THE HOSPITAL FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD, HE/SHE COULD FIND THEIR ABODE, TORN DOWN upon return].  Which is the case of many poor. The Poor! The group no-one really wants to deal with since 1968 and the D. C., tent city. The failed attempt after King was assassinated.


Add to that, Hoak Medias ‘eyesore campaign’ in which citizens can averagely seek out “not-so-good-looking” abodes;  and publish it on of all places facebook. ‘And the supposed-newscaster said, they’d get it takened care of.


Hoak, ain’t even from here.

Give me your tired, your weary, your huddled masses. It is not true. What really is it when the government can come on private property, fine it in 30 days, cause you to APPEAL their decision in 4thJDC Civil Court.  The Ordinance-“Nuisances and Nuisance Abatement” has a section for taking of properties, after liens have been attached.  It is sad, especially in light of a councilman saying properties will not be taken.


The Monroe Free Press, had it right; it is a “Land Grab”. And furthermore this Ordinance will be revisited.  It is “socio-economicly evil” and immoral.  It is the “spirit of trump” manistested at the local level.  The “City Fathers” are scrapeing the bottom of the bucket. The ‘principal shepherds’ of the flock are heaping up judgement.  The civil leaders are ‘pastors’ [leaders] in the domain they reign. 

Councilman Kenneth Wilson says suggestions came straight from the community.

And so, now  wp_20161026_03_05_29_pro-2

“The citizens, I heard from them-they thought it was a little high and asked if we could reduce it. They actually asked for $75 dollars… We want to have a safeguard in place for the elderly and for the lower income for the citizens of the city of Monroe.”

Amendments include reducing all fines by $50.00 and allowing senior citizens an extra 30 days to comply.

The facts, indicate, the City of Monroe will do everything within its power to seize properties under the newly-improved, unanimously approved “Nuisance & Nuisance Abatement” law.   In section 24:9 – Appeal “Service of notice of appeal undeer this subsection shall not stay the enforcement and collection of the judgment unless the person who files the appeal furnishes security prior to filiing notice of appeal with the department of finance, in the amount fixed by the hearing officer sufficient to assure satisfaction of the finding of the hearing officer relative to the fine(s), fee(s), penalty.penalties, cost(s) of the hearing and cost(s), if any, of correcting the violation(s)”

This Is Evil. And its author has no intent within the law, but to take and seize property.