This site is  about the evolutionary response of our society.  Just as when a child is about to be born,  the mother comes to a crisis point.   Culminating in a new life.  The belief is that we are in the evolution of a “brave new world”.   Not the tecnocratic, demoralized & dehumanized society some would love to force upon us.   Yes,  there is a revolution occurring to complete the work of our evolvement in to a much better world.  

Some many are going to have to stand in ways they have never stood before.  It is imperative. 

We will not be hoodwinked and bamboozled by the sham mockerers of deception and juxtapositioning.   If it hurts,  get it fixed.   The lesser goals of a mediocre existence consisting of avarice and greed are becoming passe.  We embrace the new beginning brought by ” a light which no man can approach unto”.

What’s wrong with our world?