muhammad.jpgUltimately, the case of the Jena Six & Mychal Bell is the legitimacy of the Judicial Outcome of the process.  If Mychal Bell is sentenced exorbitantly, there will be an outcry never heard before.  The juvenile issue hanging over this case is a harbinger of the seriousness of all of this.  When there are people who are saying things that cause the families more unnecessary concern,  that is hurtful.   Would there also be those who would seek the opportunist way of capitalizing on the situation of those concerned?   I think so. 

 What should occur is that at some point the courts would sensibly understand, that everyone needs a second chance.  If Mychal Bell was assumed to be a threat to society, then it would be understood why his incarceration should be accepted.  But if someone else is a threat to society in Jena, Louisiana because of the release of Bell, that person or persons  need to be dealt with.    “The nature and seriousness of the danger to any other person or the community that would be posed by the defendant’s release.”

It would appear that the concern has to do with what someone else might do if Mychal Bell was released.   Even if Bell was some sort of  desparadoe,  the places of refuge were provided for in the days of the biblical patriarchs for manslayers.  No one has been slayed here.  So we must consider that elements in the community are bent on making this situation something that will never go away.   Several ways have been addressed to ascertain if there was common ground in the community of Jena, Louisiana.   But it is now conclusive, that it is not  the incident that occurred which has caused the problem,  but the possibility of other persons reactions to his release.  

Should it not be understood, that after these many months,  Mychal Bell is not the same person any more.  And who would be,  in his shoes.  Everything that Bell loved to do was snatched away with his being placed behind bars .   Some of us,  should come to our senses and do what is best for the community and the young people of  Jena, Louisiana.

Look,  if Mychal was even given a chance, just to see, if he would sink or swim, then  all hands would be clean.   At some point people learn there lesson,  especially impressionable youth.   We are very much aware,  that the court only has the discretion to pass sentence according to what the law provides.  So,  something must be done from one avenue or the other to rectify what would have been less than a year of incarceration.   So,  give the kid a chance.  Please!