Constitutional Blockbustering Tuesday, Jul 5 2022 

The rule of Law is side-winding its way through our lives with consequential thought of totally shaking the core of America, by doing what their appointing to the highest court was initially expected. In religion, voting, ‘criminal justice’, Indian affairs, Mexican immigration and; of course the ‘blinder’ Abortion, the government is sounding the death-knoll of the Republic. The leak first, to foment the angst, afterward the threat of more-to-come, to ignite the fires of unrest, to complete the Trumpian overthrow of American Democracy. The fallout of which is to affect the entire world.

Nothing can help us now. The vestiges of Hate are manifesting in violence across the globe. Copenhagen, Chicago, New Orleans; Akron, Ohio the stepchildren of dysfunctional governmental rhetoric.

In Louisiana, its legislative redistricting full of backroom finagling

The blockbuster United States Supreme Court actions of June 2022 are at the least phenomenal in their across the board, ultra neo-conservative philosophical explosive shifting of the American Way, Citizens and its society are impervious to such curvings of the arch of jurisprudence. It is likened to a baby getting too much milk/formula at one time.

In the last two days of the Louisiana Legislature’s court-ordered redistricting six day Special Session, the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee exhibited its biased, complete. confederate based asymptomatic manipulation of governance, until seasoned State Senator Cleo Fields of Baton Rouge, told the committee and its Chairperson Senator Sharon Hewitt, ‘y’all do what you want to do’ after He over and over again, implored them to ‘do the right thing’.

The Louisiana House of Representatives, was no-better, in the end the Speaker of the House, shamefully had the live-feed cut as Louisiana’s Legislative Black Caucus‘s Rep. Edmond Jordan, (D) Baton Rouge spoke on the House floor, with the Caucus members standing with him behind the podium.

Shameful. Louisiana and America is no where. In essence, the highest court in the land is in collusion with a ‘supremacist incursionist detail’ quietly singing Dixie in a land of captivity.2008 January

If, when specifically Cleo Fields was arguing back and forth within the committee, with his legislative cohorts, unaware or aware of the skullduggery ongoing. While Senator Hewitt, sought to hold Field’s Senate Bill-1, in committee; and on the Senate floor on June 18, 2022 say at the podium, questioning the efficacy of Field’s amendment to Senator Ward’s Bill, that there was still an amendable bill, she had put forth, of which bill didn’t include a 2nd Black District; that on June 17, 2022 the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office had filed a brief to the United States Supreme Court, seeking relief, from the Middle District Federal Court, and the U. S. 5th District Court of Appeals, which backed the second black congressional district.

The second minority-majority district, in the words of Senator Jay Morris would likely be overturned by the Supreme Court. Who Knew?

Who Knew, the intent of the GOP led majority, never intended to do the right thing.

Bullets Flying All over the Community Sunday, Oct 17 2021 

Every turn that is made tragedy awaits. If its not the police, it is the citizenry. It needs to End. It is now “Beyond Enough”.

Would we not imagine, it is up to us, the people to take our communities back. While elected officials have backed down to the rampant dysfunction of an inoperable government, giving sway to contract hit threats; while state legislators homes are peppered with driveby shatterings of a long-lost peace. When the State Legislature returns for its 2022 Session, be sure the same gun legislation will be presented again.

New social studies standards clear key state panel; final vote possible in December. Concerning so-called “Critical Race Theory another slap in the face nationally against Black folk.

GOP Senator Jay Morris of West Monroe, in the 2021 session introduced Senate Bill 118, allowing people to freely carry a hidden handgun without any permit or training. Another Slap in the face. (The Governor vetoed the bill) Lieutenant John Clary withheld body-cam footage of the death beating given to Ronald Greene. Louisiana State Police cleared Clary of any wrong doing. This lends to furtherance in the lack of confidence in law enforcement, prosecutors and the courts.

Louisiana Reparations start with Repealing Habitual Offender Slavery Monday, Aug 17 2020 

The topic of reparations and habitual offense collide in Louisiana in 2020. Shreveport native Fair Wayne Bryant, under a Louisiana Supreme Court Ruling.

Idyllic Louisiana a posterchild for disproportionate treatment of descendants of Slaves

The mistreatment of the poor and mostly Black defendants by arbitrary prosecutors and judges who enforce these laws as justice are mostly to blame coupled with no legislative intervention. There is no redemptive value whatsoever in this judicial process. None. Neither is there any reparative justice or restorative justice for that matter.

In the case of Fair Wayne Bryant a parole hearing in October may be his route to freedom.

The Epidemic in the prison Systems Sunday, Mar 29 2020 

Incorrigable incarceration are the only words that can describe what the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and the Louisiana Department of Health are planning to do with inmates, on both sides of the process; who contract the Novel CoronaVirus.

If you contract the disease you will be moved to Angola.  Typical american injustice manifested in Louisiana.  news_saldana_jena_law_01_ms

Louisiana plans to house local and state inmates with coronavirus at Angola and Allen Correctional

The Louisiana Department of Corrections and Public Safety plans to house inmates who test positive for the coronavirus, including those from all over the state who have not been convicted of crimes, at one of two state prisons, the department said.

Local sheriff’s offices with the resources to treat jailed coronavirus patients at their local jails should to do so, said Ken Pastorick, a spokesman for the Department of Corrections. Operators of local jails not equipped to treat coronavirus patients, as well as other state prisons, can transfer inmates with COVID-19 to the Louisiana State Penitentiary, which is often referred to as Angola, and to Allen Correctional Center, according to the plan.

Angola is located in East Felicia Parish, near St. Francisville. Allen Correctional Center is in Allen Parish, between and north of Lake Charles and Lafayette.

Lawyer Mercedes Montagnes, director of the Promise of Justice Initiative, said she had “massive concerns” with the state’s plan to house inmates with COVID-19 at the two locations. Montagnes, whose nonprofit organization focuses on criminal justice issues in Louisiana, has filed litigation against the state and DOC over conditions at Angola, including a lack of air conditioning on death row and problems with medical care at the maximum-security prison, the latter of which is still pending.

“It would seem to me that transporting and concentrating sick individuals at facility that houses the elderly and incredibly vulnerable people could be a recipe for disaster,” Montagnes said.

The state’s inmates serving life and death sentences, which include many elderly or aging inmates, are housed at Angola.

The DOC did not respond to WDSU’s questions sent Friday addressing Montagnes’ concerns.

In a Thursday email, Pastorick said the DOC has been in “constant contact” with the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association and individual sheriffs regarding the plan, and the DOC advised them to contact the state agency “if they need us to house any inmates with COVID-19.”

“We would encourage local facility’s that have the capacity of negative air pressure cells to isolate that inmate in place, versus putting an infected prisoner on the road with a corrections officer,” Pastorick said in an email.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office plans to transfer any inmate in its custody who tests positive for COVID-19 to one of the state facilities, Capt. Lee Scott, a spokesman for the agency, said earlier this week. No inmates at the Northshore facility had tested positive for COVID-19 as of Monday.

Those with COVID-19 who are taken to Angola will be housed Camp J, a housing unit DOC shut down in May 2018. The unit previously provided the most restrictive settings for prisoners who were typically segregated. The Department of Corrections closed Camp J two years ago in part to move away from solitary-like conditions and in part due to infrastructure problems.

The Corrections Department identified “several hundred beds” between Angola and Allen Correctional Center, “but we believe the local level has capacity to isolate some positive inmates,” Pastorick said.

As of Thursday, no state inmates had tested positive for COVID-19, the department said in a news release.

Two Corrections Department employees who worked at two different state prisons have tested positive, however, DOC administrators said in a statement. Other employees who had contact with the infected staff members were sent home to self-quarantine. Inmates who may have been exposed have been quarantined and are asymptomatic with no fever.

Montagnes said she was concerned about the distance between hospitals and the two prisons chosen to house coronavirus patients. Angola’s “obscure” location is farther away from a hospital than some local jails, she said. She also questioned if Angola was equipped with ventilators, which are already on short supply in the state.

“I would want to see documentation that experts and epidemiologists have reviewed this plan and advised this course of action,” Montagnes added.

Montagnes said transferring pretrial inmates from local jails to state prisons could make it more difficult for them to get out on bond, adding that Louisiana should be taking more steps to reduce the jail and prison population amid the public health crisis.

The DOC did not respond to questions from WDSU on Friday addressing Montagnes’ concerns.

DOC’s protocols

All of the 32 state-housed inmates who were been tested for COVID-19 had negative results, the DOC said. The agency said in the release DOC has been able to collect the samples from inmates and send them to the Louisiana Department of Health for testing. Despite her concerns with DOC’s plan, Montagnes said she was pleased with the amount of testing of inmates that’s so far taken place in state prisons.

Here are some of the steps DOC is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to the agency:

  • Suspension of visitation, volunteering, and tours
  • Screening of all staff and vendors prior to entering institutions
  • More frequent sanitizing of frequently-touched surfaces
  • Hand soap and paper towels are frequently restocked in the bathrooms
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the institutions
  • Minimized internal transfers of inmates on a case-by-case basis
  • Education of staff and inmates on COVID-19

Dateline Grenada Lanekia Michelle Brown Friday, Dec 28 2018 

I didn’t know Lanekia Michelle Brown. The scenario surrounding her death in custody, sounds all too familiar.

Family members are grieving and expecting answers from the local authorities and want to know how did this occur.  This is a reasonable request.

Anyone, that has a family member to die, generally want to know the circumstances as to how the person came to be deceased.  However, authorities are summarily pre-judging, writing off, and diminishing the unreasonableness of death-in-custody.  An autopsy will further clarify the circumstances surrounding a person’s demise.  When it is any possibility of personal fault, it will be utilized to diminish responsibility.  It should be understood, that the socio-governmental status is detrimental to our lives.

“Any entity that maintains a place of incarceration should be held accountable for the persons in its custody.”  The detention center for which Lanekia Brown was held in, is responsible for the “maintenance” of those incarcerated.  Such facilities are governmental entities, especially this particular facility.  “No citizen is to be denied life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness in America, without due process” and in this case Ms. Brown has been denied “due process”.

Are houses-of-incarceration becoming death-mills? 

Black and female, you die incarcerated. Pregnant. A two-for!  It appears, that every opportunity that presents itself,  a person-of-color is killed in-custody.  Two Brown children in CBP-custody, dead.  A Black female senior-citizen dead in-custody in Texas.

A Black female with known mental issues died in-custody in 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia. And, Sandra Bland.  DUE PROCESS. If you lock people up, you better make sure, they are in a state-of-existence to receive due-process.  This family will be doubly reminded of this person’s exhaustion-of-life every year, because of the “time of year”. Two-lives. As of tonight the “Feds” are closed for business, the Civil Rights Division & its Community Relations Service is notifying the public they are not operational because of the government shutdown. 

And, take it from me, even before the shutdown, the government has been dysfunctional at best at getting justice for minority victims of  “institutional injustice”.  This must be; if I may, Fannie Lou Hamered and “sick & tired of being sick & tired”! Remember, the phrase BLACK POWER evolved in the South, in Lowndes County Alabama.

It WAS Black Mississippian Fannie Lou Hamer who went all the way to the Democratic National Convention.  Ain’t nobody sick & tired of being sick & tired of this mess?FANNIELou  thBQW3MOE9 It is going take the people themselves, standing up for themselves.  And, who is that person, to take the stand? And, who are those people who is going to stand up? 

Everyone wanted to so hard believe that everything was took care of with Dr. King & the civil-rights actions of those after him.  Well, the fight must be fought all-over. 


And, because the corpus delicti  must yet be brought to light.  What crime or crimes did the incarceration entity commit against the now victim whose demise also included a fetus.



An insidious affair:Hawaii and beyond Wednesday, Mar 8 2017 

As of October 24, 2017 11:08pm CST; a Maryland Federal District Court granted injunctive relief of the latest presidential immigration executive order.


It Really Is Appropriate that the Immigration Battle is now in Hawaii Federal Court.

Especially so, when the President of the United States of America, has accused the former President of campaign espionage, the likes of the infamous Watergate Affair.

It is a saddened affair, that newly minted voters, some voting for the second time in a Presidential election, are now exposed to such complete disarray.  Whatever the outcome be, society has proven itself to be completely at a loss for humane societal behavior.

Across the globe we are experiencing upheavel. The Palestinian-Israeli battle, includes a component of exhibited removal of Africans, Ethiopian Jews and ‘others’ besides the Arabic-Muslim, walled separatism of the non-Jewish peoples.

And, now America has begun its abatement of  “undesirables” with a proposed wall at its southern border.  It is a testament to the radical hatred spawned by years of seething discord among the masses.  In the times of Nikita Krushev it was said, America would be destroyed from within.  The stage is now set.  This link, A Hawaiian Affair , contains the March 7th legal filing against the “current Immigration Executive Order” set to take affect March 16, 2017.

However the outcome maybe America has lost standing on the world stage. Liberty’s Statue remains in New York harbor, but; as a Nation we are not that, and may have never been. FacebookHomescreenImage




As an addendum, the presidential immigration ban is back in Appeals Court in Maryland as of yesterday.

 Immigration Cross Appeal

No thought for poor & disabled:Trumped Friday, Dec 23 2016 

instaquote_21122016-mgtahgchekcxsyj4fgociqThe year 2017, will go down in history as the most oppressive to civil liberties, human rights and equal protection under the law.

It has already begun in cities, towns and villages in America.

A recent city ordinance in a small Louisiana City is focused on blight. The “fight the blight” initiative in small town Monroe, Louisiana, seems fine on the surface. But, a closer look, reveals methods to seize property, create massive fines and “presumably create a growth” by returning unproductive residences to the market.

Using, nuisance abatement and property devaluation, public safety as inducements to bring a varied background of citizens in favor, “the law gives city personnel and specifically, code enforcement officers unprecedented “rights to access”. Citing such conditions as “sanitary compliance” within an occupied residence can be cause for a “court ordered petition being served via municipal court, forcing an occupant to allow entry, under ‘enforcement suspicion’ of non-compliance.” THE SEEKING OF A MUNICIPAL COURT ORDER, CRIMINALIZES THE MATTER.

The City Of Monroe and the City Council, should be representing all it’s citizens concerns, as elected officials.

Further, in the October 25, 2016 City Council meeting, the city attorney’s appraisal of “allowances” for 65 year old seniors for additional time, concluded “it is not something significant in how the Ordinance works, it’s simply fines and fees which benefits everybody in the community.”

Benefits everybody at the expense of the poor, disabled and unemployed on fixed income individuals, who are more than likely rejected by family. Something must be done.

This law, must be repealed.

In the immediate, either the Council or the Mayor, must introduce measures that allow city personnel to assist, “non-compliant low-income persons” in nuisance abatement requirements.

Fragile Lives:Inside~or Out Saturday, Nov 28 2015 

Inside Prison Walls or on the Outside:Life is fragile

Whether you’re locked down behind prison walls or on the streets of America; there is still a likelihood that at any given moment, your life can be stolen. Just like that!! Here, in Northeast Louisiana in Morehouse, Ouachita & Union parishes; all have seen deaths while in custody of Corrections, or Law Enforcement detainment in lieu of arrest or apprehension.

“Our thoughts are that anyone in custody should be held secure from the deprivation of Life.  No, person held in any form of custody, should fear the loss of life;  whether at the hands of the authorities or other inmates, while incarcerated.  If, an inmate is physically or mentally ill, the proper practices should be in place.” 

Natasha Mckenna, died, after being subdued in a Fairfax, Virginia detention facility, ‘saying you promised you wouldn’t hurt me’. 

The young teen who died in a Morehouse parish detention facility, had medical issues and received traumatic injuries, according to several sources. 

Another 58 year old Black man, Erie Moore; died in a Shreveport Hospital after injuries sustained in Ouachita parish’s, Richwood Correctional Center.  Those injuries were sustained in a fight with another inmate; for which, that inmate was put in the cell, with an individual he [Erie Moore] had fought already.  That individual died.

OPSO investigating inmate death

UPDATE: Louisiana State Police Taking Over Death Investigation

By Jeane Franseen |, Ashley Lee

Published 06/22 2015 04:24PM-Updated 06/23 2015 10:33PM

TUESDAY UPDATE  — Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs tells us that Louisiana State Police has taken over the investigation into Edwin Battaglia’s death.
Battaglia was found dead Monday morning in a holding cell in the Morehouse Parish Jail.
His body was sent to Little Rock for autopsy.

MOREHOUSE PARISH– A northeast Louisiana teenager has died while in the custody of authorities.
It happened in Morehouse Parish.
According to Sheriff Mike Tubbs, 18-year-old Edwin Battaglia died at 6:30 this morning while in a holding cell.
Battaglia had been held at the jail since June 13’th, and was placed the holding cell for protection.
We are told Battaglia was originally arrested on synthetic drug charges and then bonded out.
His bond was recently revoked and he was arrested.
His mother, Leighla Battaglia, says her son had been suffering from severe migraines and was receiving medical treatment for his condition.
She says when her son was arrested she was assured he would continue to receive medial attention if the symptoms occurred while in custody.
Leighla says her son made several calls home complaining about his headaches and begging for help.
We are told the victim was in custody for over a week and never received medical attention.
Leighla says an inmate used her sons calling card to call and tell her what happened. She says when she saw her son for the last time he had large lumps on his head and cuts on his face.

UPDATE –The death of Morehouse Parish inmate, 18-year-old Edwin Battaglia, leaves some unanswered questions and a very distraught mother.
“All I could do was try to hold my son…That’s all i got. That’s my second child,” says Leighla Battaglia/ Mother.
Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs responded to the mother’s reaction assuring that any unresolved questions would be answered.

“Probably 95 percent if not 100 percent of everything that occurred there occurred under camera. So all of those files are being downloaded. I feel certain that any injuries received by Mr. Battaglia would be able to be confirmed and documented off of the video,” says Sheriff Mike Tubbs.

Battaglia died at 6:30 Monday morning after nine days in Morehouse Parish jail custody.
He was admitted to a holding cell after officers noticed unusual behavior. Sheriff Tubbs says he was placed in the holding cell for his protection.

“He had been under increased surveillance due to exhibiting some bizarre behaviors. He wasn’t necessarily on suicide watch but basically on a heightened watch,” says Sheriff Mike Tubbs.

The teen’s mother, Leighla Battaglia, said her son had been suffering from severe headaches. According to Leighla, he had been receiving medical treatment prior to his arrest. She says she was assured her son would receive medical attention if symptoms occurred while in custody. Leighla says her son made several calls home complaining about the severity of his headaches.

“He called me and told me mama my head’s hurting. I called the jail then and also told them his heads hurting. The nurses told yall if it’s anything with his head get him back to the hospital he needs medical attention.” says Leighla Battaglia/ Mother.

We’re told Battaglia never received treatment.
“They let my baby die in there. They didn’t take him to the hospital,” says Leighla Battaglia/ Mother.

Battaglia was originally arrested for possession of synthetic drugs and out on bond. But his bond was revoked and he was arrested again. State police are now handling the investigation into his death.
“They were contacted yesterday. They had began an investigation questioning jail staff, other inmates and witnesses at the jail,” says Sheriff Mike Tubbs.
Tubbs said the safety of the inmates is a top priority.

Copyright 2015 Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

UPDATE: MPD Concludes Green Oaks Death Investigation

By Taylor Thompson | tthompson@nbc10news.netPublished 09/25 2015 12:09PM-Updated 10/20 2015 06:14PM


UPDATE: Monroe Police has concluded their investigation of the death that occurred September 24, 2015 at the Green Oaks Detention Center.

After a thorough review of all evidence in the case, it was determined that the death of Larry Bowman was the result of a suicide.

The case is being forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

No further information will be given until the District Attorney’s Office concludes its review.


Update: Teen’s Family Questions Circumstances of Death at Green Oaks Detention Center

Larry Bowman’s family says he was an artistic 16-year-old, who mostly kept to himself.

Carl Brown, his father, says,”He loved to sing and stuff like that. He was a really good guy to me. He was my son and my friend too.”

His grandfather, Aaron Bowman, says a theft charge landed him at the Green Oaks Detention Center earlier this year.

“He was a good boy, but he did what kids do. Sometimes they screw up,” says Bowman.

Larry’s family says he was close to finishing his time at the detention center, but sadly, he didn’t come home.

His parents say detention center employees informed them the death was a suicide, but they believe there is more to the story.

“He is my son. Now he is gone,” says Brown.

Bowman says, “This happened all of the sudden. We want to know what happened. We aren’t giving up, not giving up.”

They say Larry had been excited about soon enlisting in a bootcamp for troubled kids and wanted to turn his life around.

“He was going to come home and go to Youth Challenge. Thats where he was happy about going to straighten up his life,” says Brown.

Now, the family says the just want answers on what went wrong.

“Something bad happened. We want to know as soon as possible,” Bowman.

Larry’s father says, “I just want justice. We need to get to the bottom of this and find out what happened. I am going to miss him. I truly am.”

Monroe police are currently investigating the death.


Original Story:

Monroe Police says they are investigating the death of a juvenile in custody.

Police Chief Quentin Holmes tells KTVE/KARD a 16-year-old has died at the Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center.

The investigation is on-going, and we will have more details as they become available.


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The Apostolic View 1.0 :: “Of the World” View Saturday, Jul 18 2015 

It is without doubt, the world must terminate. It is an absolute occurrence, there is no getting around. Yet, the renovation by fire, will take place.

The President a few weeks ago, was lauding the efforts of individuals, that culminated in a Supreme Court decision, that many have attempted to equate with the Rights, that folks of former slave master control; fought for freedom about!  Only, to within two weeks have to deliver the eulogy in the death of a Black Pastor, who also was a Senator. A political acquaintance and friend of President Barrack Hussein Obama in deep south, South Carolina died at the hands of maniacal rebel flag induced bloodthirst.

Now, preeminently Black women and girls are dieing in custody of law enforcement/detention facilities. An eighteen year-old found hung in Alabama, a 28 year old in Texas, several months ago a Fairfax,Virginia black woman, with mental issues was tased to death while in law enforcement custody.

Just this past week, in Chattanooga, Tennessee; the “homeland was attacked under ISIS orders” to commit acts of terror against “U. S. Military members, wherever they are found.”  All the while “domestic terrorist’ are burning black churches, angered by the outcry for the removal of the Confederate Flag.  Aggravated by a Black President, who this week inked a Nuclear Arms deal with Iran and released 46, federal felons on unfair sentences.

Ezekiel 30, tells us “How ye, Woe worth the day! For the day is near, event the day of the Lord is near,”  Isaiah 34:18  has us to know, “Thine heart shall meditate Terror.”

There is conclusively, no adherence to what is the really, truth.  The truth, of the scriptures, of those things which must shortly come to pass. Yet we continue on this jagged spiral of innocuous events of utter demise. This now is what Nineveh must’ve been like.  However, Society would not now do as was done then. America, it self is under Strong Delusion.  The Nation has believe a lie. “That they all might be damned, who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

The Apostolic View::Of the World View!! Sunday, Sep 28 2014 

While all parties partaking of the World View; living in accord with the world view, seeking to entangle others in their view:; Not even shame on you! But absolute Hell on you; with your witchery, in all forms.  To them that are named Among the Saints.  And to them which were once named among the Saints, and all others similarly situated. 

It is thought, that you have lost your minds; and that you may; be already damned!!

Whilst, people are beheaded; and young people are fumingly angry, with a “generational society submitted to the depravity of the bourgoise controllers” stuck on themselves; your belief systems have been degraded to its former self.  You have relegated the strength of the believers faith to  jokes and agreeance with those, who would rather see “God’s People” summarily destroyed and shot!

While you primp and prance and render half praise to your god, and refuse to abandonly pray to any god; Let lone the Lord God of Hosts, The Almighty God, Christ the Lord; you have fell captive to worldly desires. You break all of the One True God’s Holy ordinances and consort with the haters of God.

Your abominable life styles and debauched behaviors, explicitly in the “place of the Holy”, shall be your undoing.ferguBarackOfollowedFeatured Image -- 759

Your President, has taken note of the current upheavel in your vicinity; that is affecting your very lives, behind your already “damned to Hell” backs.  Your destructions have drawned nigh. You talking ’bout strengthening the arm of the wicked!!

You are the helpers of Willie Lynchism!! The destruction of your own species as a black widow spider. Incessantly demoralizingly seeking your incubus desire. Your destruction draweth nigh!

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