On Friday July 6,  2007;  Pastor B. L. Moran awoke to find the signage of the church he pastor’s in Jena, Louisiana, on the ground torn down and run over by a dually styled truck.  The sign, which bears the name of the church, a memorial to a former pastor and the regular information related to a church; was purposely torn down.

In fact,  the sign appeared to be run over several times back and forth.  In addition there is an unconfirmed report, that the vehicle left tire marks on the side of the church also.  The church, Antioch Baptist Church was the site of an NAACP regular meeting of the LaSalle Parish NAACP, established during the “Jena Six” debacle.  The meeting the night of July 5th, also included , of course; the “Jena Six” Defense Committee. 

It is now evident, eventhough, KNOE-TV8 aired a report of the incident; the powers that be want to play this down.