William Jefferson will, on December 1st 2017 for all practical purposes become a free man, (if there is such a thing in this America) after a federal conviction that ended in a prison sentence.   RedCard A federal judge, ordered Jefferson released on October 5, 2017.  A U. S.  Supreme Court decision in a similar case changing the use of RICO laws and the regularly used “honest services” statutes, allowed for filings leading to the courts ruling.

There is something to be gathered in all of this.  It is evident that Jefferson never lost faith in being free some day.  He “kept the faith”.

“Keep the Faith”, was a constant refrain a generation ago.  In these times with so much negativity and devolving of all things considered normal and moral and in order are being destroyed, “keeping the faith” has become a serious endeavor.

One can begin with top level leaders of every genre conducting themselves as some sorts of medieval bandits,  looting the public’s trust and ideals day upon day.  From a soldier’s widow harangued, to the supporting of those across seas of the types associated with hoods and cross-burnings the “would be leader of the free world” is in essence the secular evangelist of hate.

The actions of feudal lord, a sorcerer and a tyrant takes advantage of everything at his disposal.  A serious faith must be kept, that this present will not last forever. Before too much longer, the government will begin to round up American citizens under  “a new anti protest law that is currently being litigated.  The Mueller investigations are exacerbating the “alt-right” move to further its uncompromising agenda.  However, the meticulous use of the judicial process and the constant watchful filings in the Jefferson matter, suggest the battle can be won by all means necessary.

Activist should prepare to be imprisoned.  Attorneys should prepare for both criminal and civil litigation in all courts; local, state, and federal.  If the present government administration remains in power, prepare for a total breakdown of society to occur, beginning immediately with the passage of  tax reform.  Tax Reform is to be voted on in the Senate on tomorrow,  Friday December 1, 2017.