jena25jun07.jpgcommonwealthfreemoralsociety-48.jpgTo the Judicial System in Jena’s LaSalle Parish in Louisiana in America; the governor, the activists, the activist groups, the louisiana state government, the attorney general, law enforcement, the media & all the capitalist it took to make a travesty of Jena’s Six & Mychal “the Sir” Bell. 

First of all, what ever happens on September 4, 2007,  Mychal Bell will live on in the annals of history.  Sir Mychal will & has become a legend,  and I dare you capitalist dogs to martyr him.   Now, we have a single person to rally behind.  When, once the visit was made to the LaSalle Correctional Center & Mychal was told what he was told; you martyred the man. 

And so, the world is coming to Jena, Louisiana on September the 2oth.  Who has builded the gallows, who will place the black hood over his head?  You are coming to America’s favorite past time,  A  HANGING!

You should not have stood in the crossway on the day of my brother’s calamity.

And So, prophecy goes forth on your bleak behinds:  It doesn’t matter what happens to me anymore; you all shall weep and mourn, especially you the “discomfitters”,  you took a man’s misery, you capitalized off it to your own benefit, you played the public,  You committed fraud,  you pimped the poor brother’s plight.  For this,  My God, the God of Heaven & Earth, the possessor of the same, the beginning & the end; shall heap reapings upon you for  you misused the parents, you exploited the impoverished & dismayed the masses. 

You have sown the wind you shall reap the whirlwind.  Pray, all you will, but your day is coming.  The prophetic utterance, that proceeds forth, shall not return void, it shall accomplish what it is sent out for.  God himself, no man, shall recompence the evil that has been done.    You shall seek a place of repentance & shall find none.  You, the courts, who are charged with the duty, shall be left in dismay.  The God of all flesh will do it and no man!

You, who have aligned yourselves with the deceivers and liars and perpertrators of no truth on the gullible, shall wallow in the murk & mire of that cesspool.   You who represent submission & the newness of the party; extricate yourselves.  It is not to late for you.  Why? because you are of the class & status, in this land who have been victimized by the corruptness of the society.

America has rejected,  King’s Dream,  white Jena rejected  King’s son realizing the dream, refused to talk & instead sent an emissary with a dastardly message,  God gon’ get you.

Your minds are befuddled, you refuse to do the truth.