The Real Louisiana is in Post traumatic stress from the civil rights battles of yesteryear. This is not more evident, that in Jonesboro, Louisiana. Slightly north and west of the now infamous Jena; Jonesboro was once the seat of the Klan in North Louisiana.

The Mayor and the Office of Mayor is under attack through the klanish residue in the piney wood’s, Jackson Parish.

Post Civil Rights Traumatic Stress Syndrome:Jonesboro, Louisiana.

This is the problem in Louisiana. Specifically in Central Louisiana, East Central Louisiana, Northeast Louisana, the central-Southeast Louisiana -River Parishes;-Pointe Coupee-W. Baton Rouge Parishes, not to declude Evangeline/Acadiana to name a few.

The same methodology that got rid of Bobby Higginbotham in Waterproof, is in play “with a twist” in Jonesboro, La.

Motion & Order for subpeona of records issued after meeting with DoJ/CRS in the infamous Homer, Louisiana. Homer, Louisiana where Bernard Monroe, 73 was murdered by the cops!

Petition by so-called concerned citizens.