#BobbiKristina - Twitter Search_20150225051118The Significance of #BobbiKristina’s delimma to all of Us, is this person could be any of Ours, child. Under any circumstance, reasonably; any one that accompanies a person in their everyday life is “responsibly accountable” for any detrimental occurrence in said person’s outcome.

If that person, dies; you must give an answer, as to how or what happened.  If that person comes near to death, or lies in a coma, as this young woman is lying in, is responsibly accountable.  Just be real. Any parent is going to want to know how, what happened.  Enablers!! Enablers are people who aid in the detrimental life choices of another person.

Under certain circumstances, that person, the enabler; can and should be held “criminally accountable” for the actions or inactions relating to the “Mysterious outcomes”.

If this “specific person” involved in this matter, understood the realities of his situation, he would be silently somewhere praying, that the “Victim” survive.

I have daughters.

The guy that is with my daughter, has to give an answer to me in every circumstance. He’d better love her enough to give up his life. It really doesn’t matter, the level of “fatherly fatherhood” observed. WHEN DEATH LOOMS in any form, every human’s mindset changes.

It changes to the realization, “What Must I Do, to Change this dismal Situation”!  We want all parties to understand, this girly young woman, twenty-one years old, represents all of our young daughters; who are led astray by this world’s way,

As, Black Folk; “this american tribe” must within its “village” cry loud and spare not for Our Children in our world. We are the only reasoning, for change allowable in the heart of a “violently destructive society”.  CHILDREN DO NOT CHOSE THEIR PARENTS.  What ever they are born with, is what they have to SURVIVE  with.

Specifically, I have found, that daughters, need Fathers, to hold them. Anchor them. Swear allegiance too. Fight for them. And go the bat, for them when the chips are down.

I would say, “Young Man”!! You must give an answer as to how my daughter was “face down” in a tub of water. On that day, you must have been inebriated, high, drunk, intoxicated or otherwise debilitated to the point of incognizance of what Occurred and better still WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW!!  I will shut-up now; and will ask every one to just be quiet and pray, that this girl wakes up. For, this girl represents all of our girls, that something like this “could” happen to OUR’s!! #PRAYFORBOBBIKRISTINAnow!!

The Symone Effect