The CONTINUED: UnEqual Justice in Louisiana.  Indigent Defense Case in 4th JDC-OCC maxed with pre-trial detainees-OPSO to sue police Jury. INJUSTICE-no end in sight. 

In the federal scheme of things.

June 05, 2011

Trial opens for ex-La. mayor snared in FBI sting

Michael KunzelmanA trial is scheduled to open Monday for a former Louisiana mayor charged with taking bribes from undercover FBI agents and a government operative who were posing as businessmen hawking a fictitious trash can cleaning product.

Former New Roads Mayor Tommy Nelson Jr., who lost his re-election bid last year, is one of several elected officials caught up in the sting operation. The first trial spawned by “Operation Blighted Officials” ended in March with a split verdict. Jurors convicted former White Castle Mayor Maurice Brown of corruption charges but acquitted his brother, Mario, the town’s police chief.

A key government witness for both trials is William Myles, a businessman who was hired by the FBI five years ago to work as an undercover operative.

During the Browns’ trial, Myles said he started working for the FBI in Connecticut in 2005 while he was working on a school contract and ran into corrupt local officials. Myles said his primary motivation for reporting the alleged corruption to the FBI was his hope that agents would help win leniency for his son, who was facing felony drug charges.

But the FBI ultimately recruited him to work full-time on other cases, including probes of Ponzi schemes and “national security matters,” Myles testified.

In Louisiana, the FBI enlisted him to portray a corrupt businessman promoting “Cifer 5000,” which was billed as a “conceptual product” that municipalities could use to clean residents’ trash cans. Although it was modeled after an existing product, the FBI invented Cifer 5000 as an excuse for Myles and undercover agents to approach elected officials suspected of being corrupt.

The agents went to elaborate lengths to back up Myles’ cover story: FBI Special Agent Maurice Hattier testified that agents created an electronic paper trail for a bogus government contract in Myles’ name and even encouraged a Connecticut newspaper called Inquiring News to publish a glowing profile of Myles.

The FBI also has spent more than $500,000 since 2006 to pay Myles’ $2,000 weekly salary and cover his expenses, including monthly $2,900 rent for a New Orleans condominium, lease payments for a BMW, a maid service, dry cleaning, meals and flights home to visit his family members, who weren’t allowed to visit him while he was undercover.

Prosecutors have said Myles needed the money to maintain his cover as a successful businessman, but the Browns’ attorneys tried to portray him as a greedy opportunist.

Mario Brown’s lawyer, John McLindon, said his client was accused of taking about $3,400 in cash and tickets to sporting events, while the government spent $5,000 on Myles’ dry cleaning alone.

“It just got a little carried away,” McLindon said in an interview Friday. “It’s an awful lot of money.”

The government’s initial target was St. Gabriel Mayor George Grace. The FBI launched its undercover prove in late 2007 or early 2008 after hearing allegations that Grace had solicited bribes from Houston and Baton Rouge businessmen.

The FBI dispatched Myles to introduce himself to Grace and pitch him on Cifer 5000. The undercover probe expanded to other targets when Grace identified other officials in his inner circle who may be willing to take payoffs in exchange for their support of the product, according to prosecutors.

“We felt that the undercover operation provided a means to fully explore Mayor Grace’s corruption and that of others around him,” Hattier testified.

Lawyers for the officials charged in the FBI probe have accused the government of selectively targeting black politicians, an allegation denied by prosecutors. Nelson, Grace, the Browns and others charged in Operation Blighted Officials are all black.

In a court filing, Nelson said he first met Myles at a golf outing connected to the National Conference of Black Mayors in June 2008. Several months later, Grace arranged for Myles and an undercover agent to meet him and other members of Grace’s “A team” in New Orleans so they could discuss Cifer 5000, prosecutors said.

Myles and the agent gave them free tickets to a Saints game, paid for their hotel rooms and gave Grace a $2,000 cash bribe to split with the other mayors, according to prosecutors. Nelson allegedly received $300 from Grace that night and subsequently took four cash bribes totaling $20,000 from Myles and an undercover agent.

Page Pate, one of Nelson’s attorneys, wouldn’t comment on the allegations against his client. But a court filing Friday by Nelson’s lawyers says they may employ an entrapment defense. The Browns’ attorneys also argued that the FBI entrapped their clients, a claim Myles rejected.

“We don’t go after somebody to make them commit a crime,” he testified. “The plan was, let’s see what he wants. Let’s see what he wants to do. And from that it evolves on its own.”

Darin McAllister, an undercover FBI agent who posed as a venture capitalist involved in the Cifer 5000 project, was convicted last year of unrelated wire fraud charges in Nashville, Tenn., and no longer works for the FBI. He isn’t expected to testify at Nelson’s trial.

Grace is scheduled to be tried in January 2012. A trial for two others, Port Allen Mayor Derek Lewis and Port Allen Police Chief Fred Smith, is scheduled to start July 25. Former Port Allen City Councilman Johnny L. Johnson Sr. pleaded guilty last year to racketeering and bribery charges.

The Associated Press

3:10-cr-00099-RET-SCR USA v. Nelson Jury Trial for defendant Nelson

Trial in Courtroom 3 before Chief Judge Tyson
Mon Jun 6 9am – 10am Central Time
Russell B. Long Federal Courthouse, Courtroom 3, 777 Florida Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Trial for New Roads former Mayor Tommy Nelson begins this day June 6, 2011. Nelson Memorandum Motion on Selective Prosecution of Black Elected Officials & the governments response LAMD. And, the Lousiana State NAACP September 2010 Resolution on Targetting Black Elected Officials.

Not only Nelson in New Roads, but Leslie Thomspon in Jonesboro on the stateside.  Add the recent conviction of two black city Councilmen in Monroe.  Plus the, focus being the Monroe Mayor in it’s originality and considering the federal systems imprisoning of former Senator Jones, on the “final basis” of a threat to society, based on a DWI arrest. Jones’ appeal-bond denied in part on DWI-Threat to Society, scenario!

All the while, Victoria Gosserand of New Roads is still free on the vehicular homicide of a young black woman 2 years ago.  Yet, the same US Atty in the Nelson affair has not sought to investigate his friends in Pointe Coupee, who originally suspiciously released Gosserand; of which matter Nelson spoke out on, and in after which an indictment was handed down!

FBI agent indicted in wire fraud scheme

Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 10:32am

An FBI special agent based in Nashville faces a 19–count grand jury indictment filled with charges of wire fraud, bank fraud and swearing a false oath in bankruptcy.

A Davidson County grand jury indicted Special Agent Darin Lee McAllister, 44, of Brentwood on Wednesday, alleging that he devised a wire fraud scheme to bilk SunTrust Mortgage Co. Inc. out of $1.25 million connected to the purchase of rental properties in May and July 2006, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s office in East Tennessee.

The indictment also alleges McAllister schemed to defraud SunTrust Bank out of a $100,000 line of credit and made false statements regarding his bankruptcy petition.

In the indictment filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, McAllister is accused of falsely representing himself as the president of Judah Music and claiming he made $500,000 annually as such.

McAllister is credited as executive producer or production coordinator on a few of his wife’s — Judith Christie McAllister — gospel albums, including In His Presence: Live!, Raise the Praise, and Send Judah First.

Darin McAllister allegedly wired money from Atlanta, Ga., to an escrow account in Brentwood 15 times on May 26, 31 and July 27. The least amount of money transferred was $22,349.18 and the most was $123,117.54.

If convicted on all counts, Darin McAllister faces a total of 345 years in prison and $6.5 million in fines, as well as any court-ordered restitution, according to the release.

McAllister is set to appear June 9 in the U.S. District Court in Nashville, where he will be allowed to turn himself in to U.S. Marshals.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary S. Humble represents the United States

There is no choice about going to court on June 13, 2011 in the 4th JDC. If justice was truly, to be done, the District Attorney would have discussed this by now!

While the OPSO, is posturingly pimping impoverished prisoners for their own prosperity, the Federal prosecutors turn a blind eye to the continued “under the color-of-law” operations, in lieu of Justice.

Certain Negroes, have to be handled succinctly to make the others, understand. Full steam ahead, you un-chastisable illegitimate denigrates.  We hollering at the pain of your afflicting Oppression. God, hear in heaven!  Deal justly with these unsavory un-American Christians.

Aw-ite, SOMEBODY GON’ GET TIRED. No Justice! Justice is when the “wrongs” are balanced out by acts of God!! And YOU wonder.

We was always treated as an underclass. Now, America has to deal with an under-underclass.  Under the guise of  freedom, the closets have swung wide open and the depravity is prevalently predatory.

Mr. Boehner knows, he will need an encampment to protect, his grands from the present attacks on morality. WRONG is right!!  So, the racism of the RIGHT has assailed for so long, that God in Heaven has given us all, a lowdown dirty vulgar under-underclass to contend with.

As June 13 approaches, the judicial process in Louisiana is still abyssmal. Somebody might say, -it is all we got. Some say is better and improved. Where? Political prisoners in a defacto race-war, vis-a-vis the GOP, the Black Man and the Dixie-crats don’t still have a snowball chance in July in the nightmare called Louisiana. The Louisiana Governor and two other GOP governors, refuse to have anything to do with the Federal Healthcare offered by the current administration. It is in this climate the a Rep. Labruzzo of NOLA, introduced drug-testing legislation for FITAP recipients. It should be remembered that, the basis of the Palinist factionnistas is TAXES – The revolt is about paying taxes to help the coons.

THE EPITOME OF AN UNJUST NATION-Louisiana John Thompson and The United States Supreme Court Connick v. Thompson ~|~Ginsburg-JohnThompson

As preparations are ongoing to go to court in the 4th JDC in the criminal matter involving, Lee; the attorney for his alledged accomplice is about to be reported to the state bar & the disciplinary board. Whether something occurs to correct him is uncertain. As in other cases -Michael Cobb- attorneys and prosecutors have been reported to the appropriate agency in the state supreme court, yet nothing happened! ~We Shall See~

Post Civil Rights Traumatic Stress Syndrome:Jonesboro, Louisiana & New Roads!

BATTLE LINES BEING DRAWN in Jonesboro & New Roads, Louisiana

2011 March 28 – Come-ing up on the evolution of the factual trial in 4thJDC.
The unequal justice of the entire Louisiana Criminal & Civil Justice System is evidenced and played out in the 4th JDC. The first, PDO Attorney, was just a “stand-in” just to meet the requirement of the Law. Now, WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THE 4thJDC-IDB to lay this at the feet of the CURRENT ATTORNEY; who, at the last court date, still hadn’t recieve absolute documents of the former “stand-ins” non-assistance. Mr. Oliveaux is a mere cog in the wheel of injustice.

You got to know, that Ouachita Parish Sheriff Royce Toney is darn near under indictment.  But the biggest fiasco has yet to surface.  Quietly swept – in Richwood’s S. Monroe – a family was under attack by gangers.  Major Jason Pleasant had a prominent role in the ensuing occurences.  In fact, the fallout led to LSP being contacted & DOJ being advised.
A perps Uncle, took him in , in a central-Louisiana hub-city; and immediately the Uncle began to be repeatedly pull Over!!
After all this is STILL, America; we’re black and this just the way it goes? Evoluion of A Breakdown
The Post-trial Conviction of the Black Man-Barack Obama

The post-Trial conviction of black-folk and the Black Man in general is encroaching upon white-folk.  See, y’all don’t know this, but back yonder, a white-woman was seen as a minority.  In order to ex-out the black man, the dixiecrats made sure minorities were inserted.

So, that when the CongressWoman spoke spectacularly for the lumpen proletariat; hierarchy of the ‘RIGHT-WING NEO-CON KLANISH OATHKEEPER-BIRTHER aka Tpartier’s sent out one of its lower echelon minions to extract blood.

Rep. Jones tapped to chair La. House Judiciary Committee

December 22, 2010

Gannett Capital Bureau

BATON ROUGE — State Rep. Rosalind Jones, D-Monroe, has been selected to chair the House Judiciary Committee.

The Samone Effect – D’Adria left here the other day.  The same day an 87 year old departed in another rural area of northeast Louisiana. But the thing about the Samone Effect is that, enablers participated in her demise.  The systems, which are suppose to deal with these matters, have not; in this case.

The state of Louisiana is prosecuting two twenty year-old, defendants in an armed robbery of a convenience store, on US 165 South in S. Monroe, Louisiana. Unequaled Justice is allowing defendant Benjamin Ware to consistently, manipulate the system to his advantage.  And while trial testimony in New Orleans steadily indicts the inefficiency of a rabid Law Enforcement apparatus,  in North Louisiana the “law” is flexing its proverbial muscle to consistently maintain the darkness.  I thought it strange, when the Sheriff leaned into his conversation with his weapon on his hip, while speaking to two middled-aged american born women.

It was obvious, the women were thoroughly intimidated.   It is a further shame, when the D.A., refuses to talk to relatives of defendants  concerning, intervention.

However, every form of ‘break’, ‘intervening’ and exception will be afforded the Ouachita Sheriff.  And we have the nerve to be disturbed, when the lumpen proletariat have no respect for the law, the courts or this present world system.  We shall, indeed reap what we have sown!

Factually stated the law enforcement hierarchy in Monroe, Louisiana and Ouachita Parish is in crisis.  The Police Chief retired under pressure from “secretly recording” conversations with the Mayor.

Now, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff is under less than auspicious consternation after a divorce suit was filed, nameing him as the cause of a marital breakup.  Previously, upheaval was causing concern as a new facility in W. Monroe, was to be started involving inmates being housed in the former school.  The Sheriff bought the facility without proper procedure.

In an earlier incident, the building of housing for inmates, was suspect because of bid law; of which may or may not have been violated.  Yet there was no formal investigation or public inquiry.  Because of prior events, we expect not that the La. AG will intervene, request a grand jury or otherwise seek to judiciously excise the matter.

An Now comes, to bear the United States Western District, US Attorney’s Office.  Which, itself has not pursued or opted to investigate, or contacted and called in the DOJ’s public integrity division of  DOJ’s Civil Rights Section, Criminal Division.  At such is to be expected, considering the ongoing federal-state case involving Benjamin Ware, a felon convicted prior to his current status, and who plead guilty on the charges of “possession of a firearm while in commission of a robbery”.

Since, the plea Ware has opted for Sanity evaluation, and of this date has been given an order to avoid his Dec 6, 2010 [Today] sentencing.

Upon consideration,
IT IS ORDERED that Defendant’s Motion to Continue Sentencing Hearing [Doc. No. 50]
is GRANTED. Defendant’s sentencing hearing is RE-SET for February 7, 2011, at 1:30 P.M.
Monroe, Louisiana, this 29th day of November, 2010.


NOW INTO COURT, through undersigned counsel, comes BENJAMIN WARE, made defendant herein, who respectfully represents:
Defendant is set for sentencing on December 6, 2010.
Counsel for the Defendant has been evaluated as previously ordered by the Court and a report has been prepared. A copy of the report has been provided to Counsel and he has spoken to the parties who evaluated the Defendant.
Nonetheless, Defendant has not yet returned to the custody of the Monroe Division and Counsel has been advised by the Marshall’s Office that no such firm date can be provided.
Counsel and Defendant have not yet had an opportunity to meet and discuss the outcome of the report and what motions may be appropriate, if any, in regard to the results thereof.
Counsel for the Defendant has NOT spoken with AUSA Walker regarding this measure, and Case 3:09-cr-00200-RGJ-KLH Document 50 Filed 11/24/10

must therefore assume she has opposition to continue the sentencing.
WHEREFORE, BENJAMIN WARE, prays that the sentencing in this matter be continued.
Respectfully submitted by:
CJA PANEL; Appointed Counsel for BENJAMIN WARE
4007 White’s Ferry Road, Suite B
West Monroe, Louisiana 71291
(318) 396-0540 FAX : (318) 396-0292
s/ Walter M. Caldwell, IV
BY: Walter M. Caldwell, IV, LSBA NO. 22289
I HEREBY CERTIFY that a copy of the foregoing motion has been forwarded by electronic notice to CRISTINA WALKER, Assistant U.S. Attorney, 300 Fannin Street, 3rd Floor, Shreveport, Louisiana 71101, this August 25, 2010.
s/ Walter M. Caldwell, IV
Case 3:09-cr-00200-RGJ-KLH Document 50 Filed 11/24/10 Page 2 of 2 PageID #: 139

Upon consideration,
IT IS ORDERED that Defendant’s Motion to Continue Sentencing Date [Doc. No. 126] is
GRANTED. The sentencing hearing, currently set on December 6, 2010, is CONTINUE AND RESET
on January 5, 2011, at 1:30 P.M. Sentencing memoranda must be filed no later than December
22, 2010. Any responses to the opposing party’s sentencing memorandum are due no later than
December 29, 2010.
MONROE, LOUISIANA, this 19th day of November, 2010

JAPA Initiative IAM,Inc.

Praise Pathway Project


Sheriff’s office investigating death of young woman

By Zack Southwell • • December 6, 2010

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the death of a young woman whose body was found in a Ouachita Parish home on Monday.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Maj. Jason Pleasant said investigators were called to a residence on Love Drive about a body inside a home.

“We went out and took some statements,” Pleasant said. “We plan on going back out in the morning and get some more information.”

Pleasant said the woman, whose identity was not given, appeared to be around 23 years old. He said her body was sent to Little Rock, Ark., for an autopsy.

“We look forward to getting back the preliminary results of the autopsy to help with our investigation,” Pleasant said.

No other information was available late Monday.

Ongoing investigation into woman’s death

By Zack Southwell • • December 10, 2010

Ouachita Parish deputies continue to investigate the discovery of a woman’s body in a house on Love Drive.

Maj. Jason Pleasant said the woman, whose identity has not been released, was found dead in the home this Monday. He said Tuesday there was nothing to indicate foul play was involved in the death of the woman.

The body of the woman, 23, was sent to Little Rock, Ark., for an autopsy.

“We will need those (autopsy) results before we can continue,” Pleasant said. “The results give us critical information that will help with our investigation.”

Pleasant said investigators need legitimate physical evidence to confirm the testimony of witnesses.

Sheriff’s office investigating death of young woman

By Zack Southwell • • December 7, 2010

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the death of a young woman whose body was found in a Ouachita Parish home on Monday.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Maj. Jason Pleasant said investigators were called to a residence on Love Drive about a body inside a home.

“We went out and took some statements,” Pleasant said. “We plan on going back out in the morning and get some more information.”

Pleasant said the woman, whose identity was not given, appeared to be around 23 years old. He said her body was sent to Little Rock, Ark., for an autopsy.

“We look forward to getting back the preliminary results of the autopsy to help with our investigation,” Pleasant said.

No other information was available late Monday.