Northeast Louisiana, In-Custody Deaths:A Severe Problem exists!

The efficacy of the apparatus of Law Enforcement, “Justice” and Incarceration is entangled in the tentacles of street violence.  All too often, the government’s police, and quasi-police in the instance of Trayvon Martin; have increasingly responded to the vunerable people it is suppose to protect, with violent retribution in one manner or another. Natasha Mckenna died “in-custody” in Fairfax, Virginia.  Mckenna, a mentally ill woman was killed by incarceration officials, even as she muttered, you promised you wouldn’t hurt me.

Switch to,  Monroe, Louisiana; Ouachita Parish, “Richwood Detention Facility”. Erie Moore died in a hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana.  As to my understanding, Mr. Moore was involved ,in an altercation in the facility for which he and the other individual, were placed in a “cell” together, evidently to continue or “end” the fight!  The other individual died.  In the aftermath, “some say”; after further mistreatment; and neglect Mr. Moore became comatose.  Hospitalized in Shreveport, Mr. Moore passed away November 14, 2015. 

What is the Cause of All this “In-Custody Death” ??

The same thing, that led up to Emmit Till is what is causing the in-custody death.  Fear and Hatred.  Police Officers who exhibit extreme fear of possible bodily harm, from the “probable-cause for arrest”-persons, should be removed from high crime areas.  A “specialized” officer with weighted nets and a firing mechanism can subdue any knife weilding possible assailant.

All of the killer-cop tactics are a feverish back-lashed attempt at ethnic cleansing “under the guise of enforcing the law”; a matter firmly in the hands of the criminal section of Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice.  There is a blatant disrespect for life itself, humanity itself is under attack. What was alledged to have happened in Mike Brown’s slaying, actually happened in Laquan Macdonald.  Excuse me, he smoked him. “In the initial confusion of Mike Brown, the fiery indignation was fueled by “apartment dwellers” who said the cop stood over Mike Brown, and took his life, from him.  Although Mike Brown’s killer – did stand directly over him at one point, he did not shoot him on the ground.

Laquan Macdonald was shot over a dozen times, on the  ground. That is evil.  It is absolute evil for the government to exclude exposing itself by not releasing the video until 400 days after the fact.  We must remember, this was in the heat of Mike Brown.  This cop, may have very well been emboldened to kill Laquan in such a way, in an angrily furious, I’m sick of these “Niggers”! By years turn in 2015, April brought the death of Freddie Gray. Before Gray’s death, it was the death of Eric Garner.  Eric Garner July 17, 2014.  August 9, 2014, Mike Brown. Yet Mike Brown protest galvanized the distress of Black folk in America.  Baltimore was the final nail in the coffin of killer-cops America.  But the killing kept going.

It is this same evil hubris, that would allow a person charged by oath with a duty to protect, would instead take a life.  In another part of the State of Louisiana, the strange “in-custody” death  of Victor White still looms large in the recent most-unexplained, under investigated and non-published investigative outcome by the government’s own entities, charged with the duties to protect and serve.

I count the 2008 tasering  death of Baron “Scooter” Pikes  as the beginning of unconscionable deaths of our people.

If a person, is somehow in police custody; that custody should be a place of secured safety, not a place of  “the likelihood of death”.  What circumstances led to the death Mr. Erie Moore, Sr.; This is the question?

When Erie Moore was placed in a “cell” with a person who he had already fought with, it was the penal institutions desire to see some one, a black man dead, or at the least, beat half to death.

Both men are dead. Someone must be held accountable. Civil Rights Division – Complaint Form 

Furthermore, Louisiana State Wide Civil Rights Conference & Forum will be pursuing these matters persistently.


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